Healthy Snacks – eat more!

Research shows that people who eat snacks between meals consume fewer calories overall. This may be because they prevent themselves becoming ravenously hungry, therefore are less likely to overeat. When you feel like you are starving, you are also more likely to go for the unhealthy stuff.

If I run or go to the gym in the morning, I will get light headed and become a grumpy cow a little short tempered if I don’t snack. For my husband Dec, who needs upwards of 4000kcal per day to just maintain his weight, snacks are an essential part of his rugby training schedule.

Choosing snacks wisely helps you to nourish your body, maintain concentration, mood & energy levels, keep your metabolic rate up, and eliminate sugar cravings. The key is to be prepared. Have the ingredients in your cupboard or fridge, and if you are out and about, whether at work, shopping or at the park, prepare before hand and bring with you! Don’t be caught out with nothing but chocolate bars, sweets and crisps to choose from at the corner shop.

Here are my top snacks. The ideal combination is some carbs, protein and healthy fats. These are also good for post workout recovery:

  • Apple & handful almonds2013-04-01-15-58-55
  • 2 Rice cakes with Quark and dollop of pesto or chilli sauce
  • High protein fruit yoghurt eg. Danio (Danone), Total (Fage)

    Homemade Cocoa Bars

    Homemade Cocoa Bars

  • Hummus with carrot sticks
  • Skinny latte & apple
  • ½ wholemeal pitta with hummus, ham and tomato
  • Homemade cocoa bar
  • low fat hot chocolate and banana
  • small bar of chocolate e.g. Green & Black and cup of milky coffee
  • 4 apricots, spread with peanut butter, dunked in to toasted pumpkin seeds
  • slices of apple spread with low fat cream cheese/peanut butter & raisinsimages-3
  • piece of fruit with cheese strings
  • Homemade Seriously Healthy Flapjack


What are your favourite healthy snacks? Do you take snacks with you when you go out?

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