Hello! Thank you for visiting my website. I am a dietitian and mum of 3 and living in Bangor, Northern Ireland. 16 years ago I started out my professional life as a children and adult dietitian in some big London hospitals. I’m now freelance, and run my own dietetic practice, fitting in patients and sports clients around the school drop offs and pick ups.

This website is for you if you:

  • love food
  • want to be healthy
  • don’t have £££ to spend
  • hate faffing about
  • no time for complicated recipes
  • can’t be bothered with long lists of ingredients
  • love a short cut

I love recipe books and foods websites, really I do. But 99% of the time I pause just long enough to scan an intimidating long list of ingredients, before clicking on or flicking through. I wonder how many of you do the same.

We need recipes that use everyday ingredients from the local supermarket. We need recipes that everyone wants to eat. We need easy recipes that nourish to allow us to feel strong, well and energetic.