About Me

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My name is Sarah Danaher, I am 42 and have been a registered dietitian for 18 years.

My undergraduate degree in Neurophysiology from Bristol Uni. It taught me to ask questions, take nothing at face value, and to be curious. In the final year of my degree, I became very well acquainted with L-type calcium channels of frog neuromuscular junctions.

In 1999 I channelled my nerdiness in to a two-year Masters degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Ulster. That was twenty years ago, and the world of food, health, and people never fails to fascinate me.

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working in the National Health Service, journalism, university lecturing, the medical nutrition industry, elite sport as well as running my own private practice.

Among my 1000s of patients, I’ve been responsible for the nutrition of tiny premature babies so fragile that their skin was transparent; stepped over needles to reach a mum and her toddler in a high rise block in Acton, London; talked for longer than my manager would allow with cancer patients at the Belfast Cancer Centre; guided pre teen international gymnasts through the insanity of food and weight restriction. Each patient and client is unique and has a story to tell.

While nutrition is a constantly evolving science, with complex research, equations and figures; it is an art to translate this in to real food for real people.

That, is my job!