3 minute microwave sponge pudding

As a kid, Sundays would usually be spent in or around a boat of some description. Either
dinghy racing in Ballyholme Bay or on the bigger boat on Strangford Lough. How very wholesome! That’s me in the yellow boat with my sister. We bickered a lot – I once ‘accidentally’ cracked her over the head with the spinnaker pole….oooops!)


When we got home on Sunday, late in the afternoon, tea had to be something quick, easy, warming and filling. Unless it was a special occasion like Easter Sunday, the menu was usually boiled egg and soldiers, followed by apple sponge and custard. The BEST!!

30 years on, and I’m re establishing this tradition for my own family. Not the tradition of sailing (we live in London!) but the homemade sponge with custard. For ease, I use this fantastic microwave recipe.

I use defrosted frozen berries in the bottom of the bowl, but you can also use stewed/softened apple (peel and slice 1-2 apples and microwave for about 4 minutes in a bowl with a splash of water). Golden syrup is also an option, but I’m conscious about keeping sugar intake down.

Microwavable sponge pudding:images-1


50g butter (room temperature)

50g sugar

1 egg

50g self raising flour

2 tablespoons milk

mixed berries (I defrost some frozen ones)


  1. Beat together the butter and sugar
  2. Add the egg and mix in
  3. Fold in the flour
  4. Mix in the milk
  5. In the bottom of a microwavable bowl, put the berries.
  6. Pour on the sponge mixture
  7. Microwave for 3 minutes

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