Mrs B.G. (April, 2014) Ulcerative Colitis, mum of 3 young children

I’m so much better! I would say I’m 98% OK, with only minor signs on odd days, which are generally after a not so good eating day……. I have loads more energy and definitely not as tired…my husband says I’m not so grumpy! So thank you very much!


Mrs M.M. (February 2014) IBS, retired

“Many thanks for your email and especially for all your advice and support. I can’t put into words how much improved my life is now. I shall download a copy of the app – thank you for letting me know about that.”


Mr A.J. (February 2014) Chronic Fatigue, IBS. Graphic designer

“Thank you so much for helping me identify the gluten issue, you’re right that it’s very positive, it’s made a huge difference to my energy levels – a big lifestyle change! I didn’t realise how tired I was getting until I reintroduced it, amazing how quickly we adapt to feeling a certain way!”

Leo, 15 months old. Severe food intolerances.

Little Leo

Little Leo

A friend recommended that I contact Sarah after moving to the area from Bromsgrove. Just before moving, Leo, my 8 month old son, had had a diagnosis of a rare condition called Food Protein Intolerance Enterocolitis by his paediatrician. It was a horrible time as the only food Leo could tolerate was salmon. Any formula he was drinking caused him terrible tummy pain. Leo was getting very poorly and there was very little that he could eat without vomiting, having diarrhoea, eczema, and terrible cramps.

Sarah new immediately that he needed to have a special formula called Neocate to provide his nutritional needs, she arranged for us to get this the very next day. Sarah advised that he should only have foods that he could tolerate (which was only salmon at the time!), and referred Leo to a respected paediatric allergy consultant.

Leo is over a year old now, and although slow progress has been made, with many ups and downs, he is putting on weight, and is now strong and healthy. As Leo gets older the range of food he can have is gradually increasing. Sarah has guided and advised us, and is always just an email or phone call away to answer our questions. She provides us with reassurance that Leo is getting what his body needs from the special formula and the food that he is able to have. She provides us with useful ideas for food so that Leo can alternate the few things he can tolerate.

I can’t thank Sarah enough for her input in making Leo well and healthy. Without her advice for the special formula (when no other doctors had answers at the time), Leo would still be suffering to this day I’m sure.

Pam, 38. Healthier Diet & Weight Loss

I have to admit that, in the past, I’ve been a bit of a serial dieter.  I’ve tried them all; Atkins, Weight Watchers, Dukan, Slimming World, Adios, Slimfast…..and they have all worked to some degree but eventually I always put the weight back on.

Since I’ve started seeing Sarah as my dietitian my attitude towards food has completely changed.  Sarah has a great way of explaining the best way to plan meals and how to make sure you have a balanced and interesting diet.  I love all of the her tips, the ones that have helped the most are:

Stop eating when you’re 80% full – a really easy tip, it’s amazing how much less you eat and 5 minutes after you stop eating you feel full anyway.

You can’t out exercise a bad diet – I definitely used to be a member of the “I’m exercising so that I can eat more” club until Sarah got me to actually count the calories I burnt against the extra calories I was eating.

Build muscle to increase your metabolism – I used to think I had to spend hours on a treadmill in order to get fit and lose weight, but I’ve joined a great gym (with no treadmill) and spend as much time on strength training as I do on metabolic conditioning.

Be good 90% of the time and bad 10% – Ok so I’m probably at 80% but even that has made a massive difference.  I think it’s because it means I don’t have to ban anything so I don’t feel like I’m missing out.

Sarah’s recipes are so tasty that I’d much rather eat them than the microwave meals  and processed food that I used to eat.

 Listening to Sarah’s advice has taught me how to eat well without feeling like I’m on a diet which is why I feel like this is definitely a permanent change.  Thanks Sarah, all of your advice and support has helped me to lose more than 2 stone and I’ve gone in 5 notches on my belt 🙂

Louise, 26. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I saw Sarah for the first time 3 months ago for advice for my IBS. I thought that there were some foods making it worse, but wasn’t sure. I was a bit confused to be honest. My GP had told me to eat regular meals and increase fibre. I had read on the internet about the low FODMAP diet, but the GP hadn’t heard of it. Over three appointments (one on the telephone as I couldn’t make my appointment due to work), Sarah explained the low FODMAP diet and how to change my diet for about a month, before reintroducing foods to see what was causing the bloating, diarrhoea and stomach pain. Some of my trigger foods are gluten, onion, garlic, too much dairy, beans and lentils. Sarah helped me with what to eat day to day, and food that I should buy on my lunch break from places like Pret a Manger and EAT. The booklets she gave me were really helpful too. Between appointments I was able to email with questions, which was good because it can sometimes be a bit confusing. All my awful symptoms have gone. I know if I’ve eaten one of my trigger foods by mistake as within a few hours my stomach is in knots!

Amy, 40. Acne

My GP had put me on antibiotics for the spots, but I wasn’t very happy taking these as generally I’m strongly against putting unnecessary chemicals or drugs in my body. Sarah explained how food and drinks affect spots and it all made sense. For me, basically I need to have ‘low GI’ food, no dairy, and more good fats. She told me lots easy food swaps, like wholemeal bread for white, Oatibix for Special K, and almond milk for normal milk. I take fish oil supplements too as I hate fish. I also stopped sugar in my tea. The improvement was slow, but after about 2 months my skin is 90% better. I’m so pleased and relieved. The fee was well worth it, it’s probably saved me a fortune in skin care products and treatments.


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