low sugar biscuits

Hob Nobby Biscuits (low sugar)

Here is a recipe for biscuits that are low sugar, high in fibre and very importantly: high in taste and crumbliness! The original recipe is one from my Mum’s very old and battered ‘Belfast Cookery Book’. I’ve simply replaced half the sugar for desiccated coconut. If you compare these biscuits to HobNobs (an oaty biscuit you can buy in the UK) they are 60% lower in sugar.

They are very popular with my kids, and popular with me because I don’t have the ‘mummy guilt’ about them having a biscuit with too much sugar.


4oz butter/margarine

1 oz caster sugar

1oz desiccated coconut

2oz plain flour

5oz porridge oats


  • Cream the butter and sugar together
  • Add the dry ingredients
  • Roll in to a ball. Flour a surface and your hands.
  • Roll out the dough to biscuit thickness with a rolling pin
  • Cut out biscuit shapes.
  • Put on baking tray, and put in oven (180 c) for approx 20 minutes or until starting to turn crisp and golden.




3 thoughts on “Hob Nobby Biscuits (low sugar)

  1. Deborah Speed says:

    Looked at the website at 2.20pm for an after school snack idea and these biscuits were out of the oven and ready for the school run half an hour later! Superquick, really easy and all the ingredients in the cupboard. It made 30 small biscuits – I took them to school still warm, told the children they were ‘like HobNobs’ and half the batch has now gone! Will definitely be making these regularly – I’ll be eating them too!

  2. Nicola Bartlette says:

    I love your healthy recipes and will be making the flapjacks and low sugar biscuits tomorrow with my 8yr old daughter. They are simple, quick and guilt free. Thank you

  3. Lynn Aylward says:

    Thanks for this great Hob Nobby biscuit recipe. They are delicious and have been a regular bake (by my husband) for a while and will be our favourite. We follow an acid watchers diet and he makes them with Sharpham Spelt Flakes and Spelt whole grain flour – delicious.

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