15/6/13 – menu

Dec’s menu today…….1 weights and a cardio session:

: porridge made with half water, half milk, a dash of sugar and some raisins. It’s important for meals to be healthy but not taste like gruel, hence the sugar and raisins. To be fair, it does look like gruel, but it tastes quite nice. The raisins are buried in there somewhere!


To liven things up a bit (way hey!!!!) vary the milk – rice/oat/KoKo/soya, add some protein powder (add to warm porridge, if too hot can curdle), add honey, berries, cinnamon powder, roasted sunflower/pumpkin seeds, banana……..the list is endless! See people, porridge can be FUN!

Estimated 400 kcal, 12g protein, 40g carbs.

Mid morning: recovery shake (carbs + protein) during/after weights

12.00 ‘breakfast’ at the training ground, which was 5 poached eggs, 3 pieces bacon and a slice of toast. There is always protein/carb recovery shakes at hand too. When training at a high frequency with short recovery times between sessions, it is vital to refuel ASAP with carbs and protein. A minimum of 50g carbohydrate with 20g protein no more than 30 minutes after the session, as either a meal or snack (doesn’t have to be a sports recovery shake, actual food is just as good). If it’s a snack after the session, be sure to chase this within a few hours with a balanced meal.

Various training sessions, possibly weights and cardio (numerous child related dramas occurring when I asked)

3pm ‘snack’ at home was left over chilli and rice from last night, with a tortilla wrap and homemade coleslaw (carrots, cabbage, tablespoon light mayo, tablespoon natural yogurt). Handful of almonds. Estimated 860kcal, 60g protein, 80g carbs

5.30pm dinner: lamb, mashed up new potatoes with some butter and broccoli. Yes broccoli again, a particular favourite/obsession. I would advise a bit more variety in the veg department, the more colour the better! Estimated 850 kcal, 75g protein, 65g carbs. image

6.30pm apple, 1/2 banana and greek yoghurt (higher in protein than standard yoghurt) – 200kcal, 10g protein, 35g carbs

8.30pm – protein shake, apple. 250kcal, 20g protein, 20g carbs

TOTAL for the day: 3500kcal, 265g protein, 420g carbs.

(My assessment…….a bit light on the carbs, over doing it on the protein)

Well done dear.


4 thoughts on “15/6/13 – menu

  1. Deirdre says:

    Mmm. Porridge. I do love it. Half and half is definitely the way to go.

    When making “coleslaw”, I like to leave mayo out completely. Finely chopped cabbage, grated carrots, some raddish, spring onion and a half handful of coriander, a bit of lime juice and half a squeezed orange. The orange and carrots give it sweetness. Still, I’m about to tuck into homemade chocolate fondant so can’t say much!

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