Sunday – no rugby today!

Today was a rest day for Dec (and Father’s Day), so intake is reduced by about 20%, aiming for 2700 kcal.

Nutritional requirements for training and rest days have been calculated by Rob Palmer, the Strength & Conditioning Coach at London Irish – doing that for 35 guys, as well as assessing all the food diaries and giving dietary advice is a massive, but fundamental job!

So as it was Father’s Day, Dec got a lie in (!) until 7.15, when the girls appeared with their presents. A big choc chip cookie made in nursery by Evie, and 4 very large peppermint sweets from Beth. Oscar winning performance from Daddy for pretending to polish off the lot.

Breakfast: porridge

Mid morning snack 1: apple, museli bar, snack 2: 1/2 bagel with scrambled eggs and chorizo sausage

My sis Pam made a surprise visit, and volunteered to look after the kids so Dec and I could go for a coffee and read the papers (yay, thanks sis!!) Afterwards, I headed home to rescue Pam, while Dec was relieved from childcare duties to have a quiet lunch at a local Japanese fast food place in Kingston: sushi and spicy chicken (quite dry, not creamy)

Mid afternoon snack: protein shake, museli bar.

Dinner: Chicken stir fry with basmati rice and broccoli AGAIN. There it is, lurking in the background. This dinner is really simple. The sauce is easy, and so much nicer than those goopy yak sauces you buy in the sachets.

chicken stir fry:


2 diced chicken breasts, red pepper, spring onions fried in a tablespoon of coconut oil. Add dark soy sauce, garlic, chilli and ginger (we used the squeezy tubes for very lazy busy people). Served with one cup of cooked basmati rice. Estimated 600kcal, 45g protein, 60g carbs.

Evening snack: some about 100ml rhubarb yoghurt.

BINGO: pretty much bang on target of 2700kcal.

Finally, congratulations to Beth, aged 6, for learning to ride her bike today. Watch out Cav.


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