Health & Weight Loss

IBS – why you need to know about FODMAPs

10 Ways a FODMAP Dietitian Will Help You

How to Choose a Healthy Yogurt

5 ways to add ooomph to veg

Iron – how much do you need?

Calcium – supplements as good as food? Are you getting enough?

10 ‘all you can eat’ foods

Best anti ageing foods – holding back the years…….what works?

8 Constipation Cures if you’re a bit bunged up

Gut Bacteria – the surprising impact on your health

Diabetes – taking control

After School Snacks – tasty and healthy ideas for the kiddies!

Food Combinations – for super health benefits

4 brilliant reason to Meal Plan – how meal planning can help you

7 tips for healthy eating on a budget

10 things to do with peppers

Feel Fab with Breakfast! – why you should have some, and 5 best things to have

Portion control 6 tips to make a difference

Essential Weight Loss Tips

Nutrition – get the basics right and the weight loss will follow

Healthy Snacks – how eating more could help you control your weight

Boost your metabolism – 6 ways to increase your calorie burn

5 reasons mum’s can’t lose weight

EAT WELL, FEEL WELL – how you can do it!Unknown

Exercising and not losing weight? – top 5 reasons why

Healthy comes in different shapes and sizes


You know how to eat healthily, so why can’t you? – top tips

Paelo Diet – could it work for you?

Boost weight loss – exercising on an empty stomach

Salmon - omega 3 oils

Before exercise – what should you eat?

Recovery nutrition – for after the workout

Coconut Water – worth the hype?

Oils – the good, the bad and the uglyStarbucksVentiMintMochaChipFrappuccino

Calcium supplements v food – how much calcium do you need, and how to get it

Vitamin D – why it is essential to supplement

ADHD – treating with fish oil. Quakery or really possible?


Gluten Intolerance – another fad? Evidence of gluten association with many conditions

“Mummy, I’m fat” – talking to your children about food and body image

Special Needs Children – cuts in NHS funding leaves without nutrition care

Fertility – the fundamental role of nutritionimg_0585.jpg

Food Labels – a guide to deciphering the lingo

Coffee – it’s good for you!

5 Cholesterol lowering foods – it’s never too early to start!

Coeliac Disease – bad tummy, tired, lethargic? You could be one of the many undiagnosed

Cancer – 7 ways to halve your risk


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