Anorexia – written by my patient Eli


Eli is 19 and came to me in September desperately seeking help with her anorexia. Despite years of hospital stays and outpatient treatment Eli has struggled to recover. I am working with Eli, her psychologist and her family to slowly her move towards a more normal and contented life. Thank you Eli for your hard work, courage and determination.

By Eli………….
Eating disorders are sadly on the rise and are a very complicated mental illness to help cure or manage. I’m writing this blog post to raise awareness about eating disorders but particularly Anorexia Nervosa; something that anyone at all can suffer from. I find it a bit strange because eating disorders aren’t actually about food – instead food is used as a means of coping with something much deeper that is causing emotional trauma that needs controlled and for some reason and in my case that’s avoiding or restricting my dietry intake.
Eating disorders don’t just appear one day and don’t just dissapear either – they also aren’t caused by one event or situation but many that have collated together and caused your body to need to develop this vile illness. Eating disorders have many disadvantages and also some advantages for people which makes it so hard to let go, they are controlling, manipulating, a bully but they also provide a sense of security and power.
Eating disorders are so hard to fight against and we all need a little support along the way both from a therapist and a dietician. Sometimes these people are suddenly some of the most valuable and most trusting in your life – certainly for me.
This blog post is a bit random! But i did it as a means of giving a brief summary of eating disorders from my view and hopfully I will write more and share more about different aspects within living, coping and recovering from Anorexia.
Thanks ūüėÄ

Eat, Drink and be Merry

It’s the New Year, and the radio in my kitchen is full of presenters chatting about resolutions‚Ķ‚Ķ..people¬†embarking on health kicks, or the opposite end of the spectrum: rejection of the whole ‘new you’ philosophy.

Whether you¬†thrive with having the starting¬†line of January the First, hate the hype, or fall somewhere in the middle, most of us have something we want to improve about our health.¬†Some of my clients need a¬†complete overhaul for serious health conditions, for others it’s making small changes that can make a big difference to how they look and feel.

No matter what you do, it’s about treating yourself well. Forget¬†the need to achieve a perfect figure on the scales; nourish yourself with what your body¬†NEEDS, move about more, and it will fall in to place.¬†images-2

Looking after yourself is not a chore or punishment. It is being kind to yourself. Making peace with food is a process, just as enjoying eating is key for your health, happiness and well-being.

Here is one thing that doesn’t have to change in the New Year: