Summer oat breakfast

Oats are the perfect healthy breakfast. High in fibre, and filling. Porridge is the traditional way of eating them, but in the summer months a hot breakfast may not seem appealing.

This recipe uses oats, milk and yoghurt, as well as which ever extra ingredients you would like to add. It doesn’t require any cooking, as it is refrigerated over night to allow the oats to soak up the milk and yoghurt. Result: a super creamy, cool, filling breakfast. Lovely on it’s own, or you can add banana, berries, cinnamon, stewed apple, pumpkin seeds……or anything else you can think of!

Mix the following ingredients together:

40g oats (about 1/2 a cup or a handful)

150ml milk

100ml yoghurt

Cover and put the the fridge overnight. Add the extra ingredients before serving. Ta da. Summer oat breakfast ready for you in the morning.

Approx 280 kcal, 38g carbs, 18g protein


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